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Motley Major can design and provide business logo’s and graphics to suit a range of business requirements and can be supplied in a variety of electronic formats suitable for all forms of small and large scale printing.

By keeping your website, document printing and marketing materials all looking the same your business will demonstrate a much higher degree professionalism and overall appeal to prospective clients.

We generally start with a consultation with the client to first ascertain the overall scale of requirements as this have a bearing on the complexity of the logo required. It also helps us decide on what style the logo needs to be designed to meet. Cartoonist graphics never really work for corporate style businesses, just as much as you cant use clinical styles for fun based companies.

Once we get a feel for the correct style of design best suited for your business, and an idea of what the client likes and dislikes as well as any potential ideas the client may already have, we will generate various rough ideas until a preference is chosen. We then work with the client on the preferred design until the logo is completed.

Below is just a small selection of some of the differing styles we have done so far. Click onto any of the logo’s the see the images in a larger format.

FYI-Large-Large.png JLF-Logo-Large.png RHC-Large-Logo.png EQ-Logo-Large.png

Setting Your Identity

Business Logo Design

Vivienne-Large.png AutoMech-Large.png TheCrest-Large.png Wrym-Large.png MBE-Large.png Rolas-Large.png