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Event Photography

Product Imaging

Motley Major can provide a range of photographic and illustrative services to suit many differing requirements all of which are suitable for private work, personal portfolios, small business projects and large commercial ventures. Below is a shortlist of some of the photographic services we can provide. We are also members of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers (BFP)

Photography & Imaging Services

Creating The Right Image

Panoramic - Image Splicing

Stock Photography

Commissioned Work

Motley Major can provide photographic coverage of private and corporate events, whether it’s being hosted at a single location or being held at multiple sites. And we can even support events that are running over several days or multiple weekends.

“Capturing the moment”

Need to retain full control on publishing, editing or resale's of private or commercial images? Well not a problem as Motley Major can work on commissioned projects. Generally we will hold a consultation with our client to understand the brief, and once the work is undertaken and completed, all images are then regarded as property of the client and are free to use as they deem fit. Great for commercial and personal ventures as well as for private work where absolute discretion and image control is required.  

“Keeping control”

If there is one thing that you can count on nowadays is the increased growth in the use of the Internet for information and services. With the access to these services becoming more readily available to the masses even while on the move, businesses of all sizes are having to ensure their services sell, and human nature means we often “buy on impulse” so as sellers we have to make sure our goods are kept clean and shiny. Buyers will often spend that little extra purchasing the item that looks the best, and if that means from your business as opposed to your competitors, well need we say more……

Motley Major can supply you with professional product imaging in order to build professional looking high quality websites, product catalogues and online e-commerce stores, with high resolution clean cut images of the products you sell. Using high quality original images can give your customers the feeling they are dealing with a professional business that cares. In terms of converting the viewer into a buyer this accounts for a lot.


“E-commerce & business sense”

We also build Panoramic / Image Spliced pictures by collating many shots together using powerful editing software to create stunning large format pictures. These are great for personal large scale canvas prints, often being centre of attention and becoming unique talking point of any room where they are displayed. Also they can be used with great effect at exhibitions, helping to draw in potential new clients into your stands as well as corporate events where they can help “break the ice” and get conversations rolling. As they say ….. “Its Good To Talk”

“The big picture”

Bureau of Freelance Photographers