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Current Projects


Motley Major has developed a large portfolio of clients, all with varying requirements and different agendas. Some of which even had their sites built “Incognito” with the intention of making them look as if they have developed them in house. Why? Well we don’t really worry about to their reasons, we simply provide our clients with the goods they request.

So rather than us just post up lots of simple websites we have developed, we decided to buck the trend and do it our way - Clear cut and honest. Instead we have posted some details of some of our most in depth projects, latest clients and couple of sites that we helped out by going the extra mile.

A large progressive website originally started life as a simple way to advertise the company. After a couple of years the client decided that they wanted to extend the information available to its customers and even offer e-commerce sales, product news and blogs, videos and document downloads. However it wanted to stand out from its competitors and not use generic e-commerce software bundles that all look the same, so after consultation with them, the pay-pal cart system was implemented. This site is around two years old now and Motley Major has been their from the start and continues to provide additional support and updates

This is a large scale project that has allowed us to utilise all of our services including web design, hosting, Logo re-designs and product imaging.

Domain Status: Live Website

Current Status: Additional content being added currently

This website is for the American publishing company Llamekuf LLC who are going to be publishing books from ex-security and military personnel, that have witnessed events from hypocritical standards to outright diabolical misdemeanours. Motley Major was in a position to have had the chance to get our hands on a few of their upcoming publications in order to get an feel for the website designs and can safely say we are all hooked.

Saudi Bodyguard is the first of the publications and the remit of the website was to build the site around the idea of advertising the book directly. We look forward to this one going “live”

Domain Status: Holding

Current Status: Under Construction

This is our most recent project that we are pleased to be working on. This particular project involves a total overhaul of their current site, company logo and hosting services. We are currently helping out on some of their site location photos and these chaps certainly know their landscaping.

We are looking forward to completing their gallery on this one, even if your not into gardening you cant help but be amazed at the beauty of the sites they maintain, they are simply staggering and the colours are extraordinary.

Domain Status: Holding

Current Status: Under Construction

This client was one I myself bumped into while out walking, and what started out as a general conversation about a little Jack Russell turned to me taking a business card from the client. The client had a small website that they had made using a lesser known free “website builder” and although they had done a fair job with what they had available, when we analysed the website the SEO obviously was missing as we could not find the site indexed anywhere. Motley Major contacted the client to discuss the issue and see if it was something the client wished to address, which it was. The client instructed us of his requirements and we soon had a nice new site up and running and the clients business picked up. We are in the process of making adjustments for the client as they have recently relocated to the south coast.

Domain Status: Live Website

Current Status: 95% Complete - Awaiting Client Content

This client came to us through a friend. The client runs a small family run business so overall expenditure had to be on a tight budget. At the time the client was already dealing with their third web design company due to poor communications, lack of progress and constant unexpected charges, so their impressions of web designers was getting very low and did not want to spend out any more money on web designs without real progress.

We had a personal one-to-one consultation with the client, and although the client was reluctant, we managed to make an agreement that worked for both sides. Within a few weeks we had a design the client loved and 90% of the site ready to go and very soon the website went live. And better yet their workload has increased massively. A win-win situation for both businesses

Domain Status: Live Website

Current Status: 90% Complete - Awaiting Client Content

This is one of Motley Majors favourite sites, mainly because for this one we had as near to free reign of when it came to creative styling. After a consultation it quickly became clear that the client is very artistic, bold as brass with an eclectic taste in life, but didn’t want the stereotypical “bikers” look to the tattooing business.

The remit from the client for the website was as simple as they come, KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) Simple layout, simple navigation but the logo and creative look must incorporate the clients tastes. Bold colours on dark backgrounds to give the colours extra punch, arty decals but must cover all age ranges, bold but subtle colouring and a woman or two wouldn’t go amiss. Overall it must be fun!

Now we just await the updates and photos of his customers and artwork.

Domain Status: Live Website

Current Status: 80% Complete - Ongoing Updates Due