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Web Design Services

Making A Great Impression

Fast, Simple & Effective - The 3 Second Rule

We keep our designs simple, clear cut but most importantly effective. There are some great website designers out there that produce some very artistically stunning and flashy websites, but for most this simply isn’t the best solution for their business.

Today’s Internet shoppers are more savvy than before and the time allowance for your site to capture the interest of the visitors is brief, seldom more than 3 seconds . When visitors do arrive at your site they are poised and ready to move to the next search result if they can’t see any information in regards to what they are looking for.

The long loading times often associated with flash based websites or pages with poorly optimised images will create a poor first impression. If this is then coupled with not offering the right content, these visitors will quickly be moving on and may never return.

Powerful Applications

We use many powerful well known applications when designing websites for our clients. This helps us cater for their requirements and provide a well rounded service to suit all, the applications allow us to build specific websites based around various formats such as blogging, forums, calendaring, and content management. All provided by some well know providers such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, Sugar CRM, Mantis, PHP-Nuke, Moodle, Simple Machines, Coppermine, MediaWiki and many more…..

We specialize in providing long term professional web design services with a personal touch. From small scale websites to large multi-page designs we endeavour to create good quality high value relations with our clients. It is easy to create a website using a “make your own” service provider, but these simply never provide the level of return to that of a simple but professional website, and the backup support is partial at best. We strive to supply a simple but effective service based on simple key foundations.

Personally Tailored  Websites

When Motley Majors was created we conducted some research in order to ascertain to level of service we were going to supply to our clients. What quickly became evident was most sites were being built around templates. And although content between websites was different, web page layouts, designs and in some cases colour schemes were getting all to similar, and this is a direct result of design studios simply using templates for ease and speed of website construction.

Motley Major literally designs each site from scratch and not generated from a generic pre-made templates. We start every web page from a blank document and build up the website design around the criteria laid out by the client. After all if it’s a business website the client will know best what their customers tastes are like and what makes them tick.